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Consumer Choice With Respect to Online Behavioral Advertising

Posted June 3, 2011

Mode Media is Committed to Consumer Choice

Mode Media is a leader in online advertising and is committed to delivering the best service possible to our advertising and publishing partners. An important part of our service is to make sure consumers are clearly informed about how and when their data is collected online, and providing them the ability to opt-out of receiving ads targeted to them based on their likely interests if they wish to do so.

As part of our commitment, Mode Media is including the Advertising Option Icon on interest-based advertisements that are served by Mode Media. When the Advertising Option icon appears on or near advertisements, consumers can click through to learn more about when Mode Media and other companies collect or use their data for interest-based advertisements. Consumers can then make choices about whether to continue to allow online behavioral advertising.

The Advertising Option Icon is part of a collaborative self-regulatory program led by leading marketing and advertising associations. Mode Media will continue to work with leading industry organizations and service providers to ensure that we provide the best experience possible.

What is Online Behavioral Advertising?

Online behavioral advertising (sometimes called “interest-based advertising” or “OBA”) uses information collected through your Web browser as you visit multiple websites in order to predict your preferences and show you relevant advertising.

Refer to the EDAA’s list of frequently asked questions about online behavioral advertising to read further information.

OBA Compliance

As part of Mode Media’s commitment to the industry’s Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising, Mode Media utilizes the Advertising Option Icon to provide consumers with clear notice about Mode Media’s OBA practices by including the Advertising Option Icon in customized, targeted online advertisements from Mode Media advertisers.  The purpose of the Advertising Option Icon is to clearly inform consumers about how data online is collected and used, and to provide them the opportunity to opt-out.

How Mode Media Collects and Uses Data

When you visit any of the websites that display advertisements served by Mode Media, Mode Media automatically receives and stores certain types of non-personally identifiable information (“non-PII”) including IP address, web pages viewed, date and time, and responses to advertisements. Non-PII collected is used to provide relevant, targeted advertising and improve Mode Media’s advertising technology; monitor website traffic; collect statistical data; determine the effectiveness of advertisements and content; and collect data across multiple websites to categorize likely consumer interest segments for use in OBA.

Consumer OBA Opt Out

If you would like to opt-out of being served OBA, Mode Media provides “opt out cookies” that block OBA by Mode Media and prevent the placement of new Mode Media OBA cookies on your computer. Please note, after you opt out:

  • If you subsequently alter or delete your browser’s cookie file you will have to opt out again.
  • If you use more than one browser or more than one computer to access the Internet, you will need to opt out of the Mode Media cookie in each browser and on each computer.
  • If you reinstall your browser, you will need to repeat the opt out process.
  • If you opt out, this will not prevent you from receiving advertisements on websites that are served advertisements by Mode Media.
  • You will continue to see advertisements served by third parties that may contain cookies and the publisher of each of the websites you visit may place cookies on your browser as well

Clicking below will take you to an industry opt out page where you can choose to opt out of receiving targeted online behavioral advertisements from Mode Media.

Click to opt-out of being served Online Behavioral Ads from Mode Media Corporation (formerly Glam Media, Inc.).

What is the Advertising Option Icon?

The Advertising Option Icon is designed to provide consumers with enhanced information and choices about how and when data is collected or used to serve ads targeted to them based on their likely interests. The Advertising Option icon is served on or near ads with the accompanying text “AdChoices” as shown below:

Learn More About the Advertising Option Icon

Additional information regarding the Advertising Option icon is available at the following websites: