October 20, 2015 

Today, we unveiled results from a fun survey that we recently worked up, looking into the driving forces behind viral videos. The full press release can be found HERE, but here’s a quick glance:

Viral-Video-Infographic_final_02We all (mostly) do it — which bucket do you fit into?

Viral-Video-Infographic_final_03Millennials are definitely a huge factor in making videos go viral… or at least they think they are! We’re seeing the largest delta between the general population and millennials when it ties back to celebrity-sharing.

Viral-Video-Infographic_final_04Social sharing wins here, particularly as people hope to get friends’ reactions. But are we really surprised?

Viral-Video-Infographic_final_05Here’s where it get’s even more interesting. Passive aggressive motives can certainly tip the scale when it comes to sharing videos. Have you ever sent a video to someone to encourage them to do something (go to the gym!) or think differently about something?