The video landscape has exploded in the past few years – across the web, on tablets and, of course, on smartphones.

One of the biggest shifts in the video landscape is the number of high-caliber brands and advertisers partnering with video content creators.

Brands want to work with influencers who can create relevant and engaging content around their products.  And with 61% of consumers making a purchase based on a blog post, it’s no secret why. (Source)

Here’s what they’re looking for.

  • Advocacy. You can’t fake the funk here. Consumers are extremely sensitive to inauthentic brand campaigns. As a result, advertisers aren’t just seeking talent for hire; they want vloggers who will champion their brand in honest and meaningful ways.
  • Engagement. Brands are looking past subscribers and views (though these metrics are still important), they’re looking for engaged audiences.
  • Social standing. YouTube should be a part of your larger social media strategy. The more engaged your audience is across a number of social channels, the better.
  • Long-term.  Often times, they want to start a relationship now with these creators who are growing that can grow into meaningful partnerships later.