Cookies Used by Mode Media

Mode Media uses cookies to help with specific functionality of our sites. Cookies are small bits of data that are saved on your computer when you visit a website so that when you view another page the website can be delivered to you in a better, often more personalized fashion based upon an anonymous identifier. At Mode Media we respect your privacy; please see our Privacy and Security Policy for other information on cookies and data we collect. As part of our disclosure of what cookies we use, please read the below. On all Mode Media owned and operated sites, we try to set the minimal amount of cookies, and can often set none (apart from analytics software) when you’re visiting one of our sites.

Overview of Cookie Types

Cookies typically fall under the following types:

  • session cookies
  • persistent cookies

Session Cookies
These expire when you close your browser, and are typically used to help the website know that you are doing something like the following:

  • logging in/logged in
  • part way through the process of something like purchasing an item
  • adding a comment

Persistent Cookies
Persistent cookies remain until they expire, or until you delete them.

Managing Your Cookies

For information on deleting cookies in your browser, please either refer to your browser’s help files, or look at Please note that deleting cookies can affect the way a website you visit serves pages to you, and so it may not be best to delete all cookies. Also, deleting certain cookies will stop any opt-out settings from being effective. Some browsers offer methods to see each cookie set per domain and delete individual cookies. Mode Media cannot be held responsible for repercussions from deleting your cookies.

What Cookies Does Mode Media Use on its Websites?

The exact cookies depend on the website that you visit, but below are the common ones.

Cookies often set on Mode Media properties
Company or Software Cookie Name Use/when set Expires in
Google __qca __utma __utmb __utmc __utmd __utmv __utmz anonymous visitor tracking * You will likely not have all of these cookies on your computer 26 years
WordPress cookies wp-settings-time-## Only when logged in ** to customize admin view 2 weeks
wp-settings-## Only when logged in ** to customize admin view 24 hours
wordpress_[hash] Only when logged in** to check user login end of session
wordpress_test_cookie anonymous performance information; your need to be logged in ** end of session
w3tc_referrer only when logging in/logged in so our caching software delivers the correctly personalized page to you end of session
shareThis __stid unique identifier so shares are not doubly counted 1 year
__uset checks if __stid is set 4 hours
Cloudflare __cfduid To load balance our servers and provide a better service, we sometimes use cloudflare which sets this cookie*** 7 years

Mode Media Advertising Cookies

We use Mode Media advertising cookies to anonymously identify you. We use cookies to track your activity across multiple websites. We use these cookies to target advertising to you based on your browsing activities and to ensure we do not serve the same advertisements to you every time you view a page on a web site. We also use these cookies to target advertisements to users from a specific country based on where an advertiser chooses to show their advertisement. To learn more about our how our advertising system uses cookies, please read this paragraph of our Privacy and Security Policy.

Cookie Name Domain Use Expires in
glam_sid Anonymous identifier to help serve relevant advertisements 730 days
mode_sid Anonymous identifier to help serve relevant advertisements 730 days
ctags Retargeting 730 days
etag Retargeting, with a definable lifespan varies by retargeting campaign
itrack View through conversion tracker 730 days
ctrack Click through conversion tracker 730 days
FPtrust Creates a temporary trust relationship with the browser end of session
glam_cookie_sid Anonymous identifier to help serve relevant advertisements end of session or 730 days
mode_cookie_sid Anonymous identifier to help serve relevant advertisements end of session or 730 days
ning_user Gives Mode Media information about Ning session 7 days
optout Indicates you wish to opt out of Mode Media interest based advertising 5 years
bkpix2 Blue Kai retargeting 1 day
qcsegs Determines which Quantcast market segment you’re likely to be in to serve relevant advertisements 2 days
ga_dmp_exesegs Determines Exelate market segments you’re likely to be in to serve relevant advertisements 1 day
ga_dmp_exesegs_set When this cookie is not set in your browser, a call may be made to Exelate to retrieve market segments 4 hours
ga_dmp_ias Determines Integral Ad Science market segments 1 day
ga_dmp_ias_set When this cookie is not set in your browser, a call may be made to Integral Ad Science to retrieve market segments 4 hours
ga_dmp_ncssegs Determines Nielsen Catalina Solutions market segments you’re likely to be in to serve relevant advertisements 1 day
ga_dmp_ncssegs_set When this cookie is not set in your browser, a call may be made to Nielsen Catalina Solutions to retrieve market segments 2 hours
_count_cta_loads App Banner: This cookie counts the number of times we show the banner to download the iOS app. After 10 page loads, we stop showing the banner. 1 day
_asc Auth Source: This cookie stores the name of the sign-up provider (e.g., Facebook). 365 days
xg_ep External Profile: This cookie stores data from a sign-up provider (e.g., Facebook) which is then used to prepopulate some fields on our sign-up form. 1 day
xg_ep_iv External Profile IV: This cookie contains data that is used to decrypt the external profile cookie. 1 day
yaction In Progress Action: This is a temporary cookie that is set if you try to do an action and then are required to sign in. After signing in, your action is completed using the info in this cookie. 10 minutes
y_i Is Insider: This cookie indicates whether the user is a member of the Mode Insider program. 1 hour
y_region Locale: This cookie stores language/country preferences for a signed-out user. 10 years
xn_id_yokofoodie Login: This cookie stores a cryptographic string indicating which user is signed in. 30 days
_sign_up_tracking Sign Up: This cookie records how the user signed up (e.g., Facebook) and which page they signed up from. end of session
sacsrf Social Auth CSRF: This cookie stores a value to prevent cross site request forgery when authenticating with sign-up providers (e.g. Facebook). end of session
y_video_published Video Published: This cookie is a flag that the “Video published successfully” message should be shown on the next page load only. end of session

Please note, 730 days is 2 years.

Opt Out of Behavioral Targeting

To learn more about online behavioral advertising or to learn how to opt out of online behavioral advertising, please visit our Opt Out page for more information. If you click to Opt Out, you will be directed to an industry opt out page which will inform you if you have already opted out of behavioral advertising delivered by Mode Media.

Third-Party Advertising Cookies

Mode Media delivers third-party advertising which may use additional cookies. We recommend that you visit the consumer advertising choice website to see which companies have set cookies on your system so you can manage your preferences.

Social Media Cookies

We use sharing tools provided by shareThis so that you as a user can more easily share the content on our sites. To load these buttons and track unique sharing actions, social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, Pinterest, etc., may put a cookie on your computer. These cookies are not within the control of Mode Media. Please refer to the respective privacy policies of those websites for information on how their cookies work. The links provided below are for convenience only. Mode Media does not control these services, nor their privacy practices.

External Privacy / Cookie Policy Links

* Please see Google’s policy on their cookies (and their privacy policy).
** For more information, see the WordPress cookie page.
*** Please read Cloudflare’s security and privacy policy.