May 26, 2015 From Joellen Ferrer


Memorial Day quickly came and went, but not before 57,000 people checked out (over the last 30 days) BBQ Tips From the Pit Masters, written by Jonathan Stern. This was also one of the top Mode Stories over the last 7 days, based on a comprehensive methodology for determining trending content across audiences in multiple channels, including the Mode Platform and Facebook.

Since our last Top Mode Stories post (Top Mode Stories: Tequila, Toys, and More), we’ve seen an incredible amount of engagement — most notably a 68%/32% split, favoring females over males. While we reach 92% of millennial women, we also reach 67% of millennial men each month, per comScore.

Below were the top trending stories over the last 7 days:


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  3. BBQ Tips From the Pit Masters
  4. Nearly Naked Red Carpet Looks
  5. Royal Babies Through the Years


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  2. Lovable Celeb Dads Who Get Parenting Right
  3. Top Models Who Have Shared Adorable Childhood Photos
  4. $1.50 Per Day: Celebs Who Took the Food Stamp Challenge
  5. Worst Series Finales of All Time

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