July 15, 2015 From Joellen Ferrer


Last week, we unleashed 100 Years of Men’s Fashion in 3 Minutes, a follow-up video to our wildly-popular 100 Years of Women’s Fashion in 2 MinutesThe video immediately hit the viral circuit — so much so, that a friend vacationing in Barcelona reached out to tell me that the video was playing at the bar they were at. We’re fast approaching 5 million views, and the video continues to spread like wildfire across social networks. That said, the women’s fashion video is nothing to snuff at, as it’s been viewed nearly 45 million times!

By no surprise, 100 Years of Men’s Fashion in 3 Minutes tops the list for the week. However, a number of other stories have been trending:

  1. Post-Baby Bodies That Got Everyone Talking by Dawn Yanek
  2. Check for Spots: New Questions to Ask Your Dermatologist by Jordan
  3. How to Tie a Tie Like a Boss, Featuring John Gidding
  4. Bring Brunch Home With These Tasty Dishes by Juliana Britto Schwartz
  5. Genetics Are Real: Famous Moms & Their Look-Alike Daughters by Dara Nai

I have to admit, I’m a big fan of the story about brunch — these Fried Chicken Biscuits look amazing. If you’re a fan of (or curious about) Ham/Cheese/Spinach Puffs, Mini Banana Pancake Skewers, or Nepalis French Toast, you won’t want to miss this story.


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