June 23, 2015 From Joellen Ferrer


Remember that fully-functioning LEGO keyboard you built as a kid? Me neither, but you can see the real thing in action at jkbrickworks.com. This week’s Top Mode Stories honor goes to a story created by Paul Strauss, the self-proclaimed head cheese of Awesomer Media. His Mode Story, Amazing Things Built From LEGOs, has been the top trending story on Mode this past week. Check out the other LEGO creations he’s collected and share it with your friends!

Furniture hacks, summer sweets, economical organics, and Red Carpet no-no’s round out the top-five below:

  1. Amazing Things Build From LEGOs
  2. Food That Are Actually Cheaper at Whole Foods
  3. DIY Furniture for the Broke Design Lover
  4. Celebrity Red Carpet Makeup Fails
  5. Healthy Summer Desserts That Will Wow Your Guests

Last week’s Top Mode Stories featured Dad Bods, Books and More, in case you missed it. Have a great week!