Viewable impressions

Online has always been the cutting edge medium when it comes to tracking and accountability in advertising. Yet, there is one question that has historically remained unanswered: “How many people actually saw my ad?”

In today’s world, if someone scrolls all the way down a page and never sees an ad on the top, it is still counted as an impression for the advertiser regardless of whether the ad was actually seen. Estimates suggest the number of display impressions actually viewed is about one in four. To address this concern, technology has been created and a methodology developed to track what ads are actually “viewable”.

A series of companies and specialized vendors, have been aggressively (and successfully) lobbying advertisers to include their respective viewable impression trackers on all advertising.

Industry third parties like the IAB and MRC have helped establish a definition of a viewable impression and the current definition is that a “viewable” impression is an impression where at least 50% of the ad creative comes into view for the consumer for at least one second.

Mode measures in-view ads both with our own platform and by partnering with comScore and other third parties to implement their measurement. This allows us to provide feedback to content creators on the percentage of premium display placements that are in-view while delivering advertising campaigns for brands to ensure a strong viewable impression percentage