Social Media Week

Earlier this year, GLAM attended Social Media Week in New York, an event that explores the future of technology, digital trends and best practices for social media marketing worldwide.

We learned about the state of social from a roster of industry insiders, and of course, we came back with our social souvenirs to share with you.

Here are a few key takeaways from this year’s event:

  • Content is no longer king – distribution is. Your social presence isn’t linear; every channel has its own strength. Implementing platform-specific strategies in a cohesive brand voice is the most effective way to foster organic, sustained growth.
  • But content is still queen. In this day-in-age, you must be capable of creating visually stimulating content that’s easy to digest on-the-go. If it doesn’t entertain, engage, inform or provide value, it will not break through the noise.
  • Digital is a two-way street. Social is not a free amplification tool. Find a balance between promoting your content and engaging in conversation to build authenticity and an audience.
  • The Internet is a virtual water cooler. Digital has changed the way we tell stories, which is why it’s important to extend the shelf-life of your assets. Optimize your images for Pinterest, create keyword-rich headlines, and spend an extra five minutes on SEO. Do what it takes in order to create a longer-lasting conversation.
  • Be a human. This may seem obvious, but it’s the goal of social media. Bearing that in mind as you’re evolving your brand will help you hone a voice that’s not only solid and cohesive, but also one that users can relate to and build a relationship with.
  • Success isn’t just about fan acquisition. Look beyond your “likes” and dive into raw data. Do certain updates frequently outperform others? Your customers might be telling you which type of content they like to see from you the most.