LMakeup for videoLike it or not, your content will live on in searchable Internet archives once published, so make sure you’re out there as the best version of your on-camera self.

Given everything there is to think about as you gear up for your on-camera appearance, you don’t want to be distracted and preoccupied by your hair and make-up.

Figuring out a style that creates a finished look in advance will provide you with the confidence and peace-of-mind to focus on what matters most — what you’re going to say.

Here’s a dose of beauty advice to make sure you’re camera-ready.

  • Contour your cheekbones with bronzer and add a dab of blush to the apples of your cheeks – a little color lends itself to a healthy look, as the camera washes out skin tones.
  • Avoid a caked-on look by using a finely milled translucent powder.
  • Be sure to apply makeup to the neck area and blend well. A two-tone look for the face and neck is not what you’re going for!
  • The delicate under eye area can be prone to dryness, which will be visible on camera. Mix some moisturizer with concealer to keep the eyes looking hydrated and soft, and be sure to apply all the way into the inner corner which will brighten the eye.
  • Your on-camera outfit isn’t intended to create a look of strong contrasts (which can be distracting), so keep your look classic with simple patterns and mid-range tones – avoid bold patterns, metallic and clothes that don’t fit.
  • Make sure your top is a darker color than your face. Viewers’ eyes will be drawn to the lightest area, and generally you’d want this to be on you!