Mode Media, the 7th largest desktop and the 10th largest overall U.S. media property with 139 million monthly unique users in the U.S. and 406 million monthly active users worldwide, today announced that Mode, its social platform for curated content discovery, has streamed over 1 billion video views just six months after launch. Mode has grown from zero to 25 million unique users since launch six months ago and entered the Top 20 video properties list in August 2015. The Mode Platform ranks #6 among video-streaming platforms for video creators that enable branded entertainment and distribution.

“Mode’s unique approach to content creation, curation, native distribution and scale is the key to this explosive growth,” said Samir Arora, CEO and founder of Mode Media. “It took us three years to develop our next-generation owned & operated social platform where professional content creators can build stories and upload videos across an array of lifestyle topics that our personalization technology engine surfaces and streams in native feeds.”

Mode Studios’ popular “100 Years” series, which has now crossed more than 250 million total video views to date, has demonstrated Mode’s ability to create hyper-viral success. The series’ episode 1, “100 Years of Women’s Fashion,” is the most viewed fashion video in digital history with over 175MM views, streaming up to 6MM views per day. Last month’s episode, “100 Years of Wedding Dresses,” crossed 10 million views in the first seven days last week.

Powering these launches is Mode’s secret sauce — its technology engine that places all stories and videos uploaded on Mode, Facebook, YouTube and other social platforms to test for viral lift in real-time. This allows Mode to quickly determine if, where and how there is viral lift and fuel it using its programmed video distribution and influencers. Mode is single content-at-scale solution for creators and brands that provide native video streaming for content series, branded entertainment and digital videos as well as in-stream pre-roll videos. Since launch, over 1 billion videos have been streamed on the Mode platform, and in addition over 200 million have been viewed on Facebook and YouTube.

Mode’s video streaming platform for business includes a suite of native content and video ad products that delivers branded entertainment and sponsored series directly to consumers where they are already heavily engaged, offering businesses access to over 200 million monthly in-feed streams — a sea of change in a video industry that is reliant on single-destination channel video views without targeting.

Mode Branded Story: 5x more interaction time than the average rich media standard

Mode is also announcing early metrics for its native Branded Story product, which on average provides 5x more interaction time than the rich media standard.

Native Branded Story is Mode Media’s signature content product and the largest digital canvas for native brand advertising in the industry. It combines curated original Mode creator content and custom brand content to engage audiences within social content feeds. “Mode Branded Story is an ideal solution for brands, stunningly designed and providing a great desktop and mobile experience,” said Dan Lagani, president and CRO of Mode Media. “The product is already averaging an 11 percent interaction rate, with a total time spent by users that is similar to Mode’s non-branded original content.”

With Branded Stories, Mode now has the industry’s largest set of content marketing products at scale on one platform:

Content Contribution: Leveraging the power of the Mode ecosystem of over 10,000 Creators

Video Creation: Mode Studios’ original series, plus Mode Video and YouTube creators

Native Distribution: Users share and consume content on Mode and in native social content feeds

Video Streaming: Mode’s streaming platform delivers branded and sponsored videos directly to users

Social Amplification: Mode platforms seamlessly integrate across all major social platforms and blogs, allowing influencers to spread stories across the web