and Mode Stories mobile app launch with over 100,000 video and content items curated by 10,000+ creators—reaching 25 million monthly users with 200 million native in-feed video and content views a month today

New York, April 28, 2014—Mode Media, the 7th largest media property with 155 million monthly uniques in the U.S. (comScore) and 406 million monthly users worldwide today launched Mode—a consumer social platform for curated content discovery with native in-feed distribution at the 2015 IAB NewFronts in New York City.

Users discover curated content through an individual personalized feed based on the professional editors, critics, journalists, video producers and experts they follow; as well as their interests, engagement and social activity on Mode.

“We created a new team 2 1/2 years ago and gave them the mission to build the next generation consumer social platform for content curated by the world’s top creators and experts,” said Samir Arora, founder and CEO of Mode Media. “I am thrilled to be launching and the Mode Stories App as a completely new way for consumers to discover incredible videos and content today. Our significant reach—particularly amongst millennials, existing relationships with top creators & video producers, and the innovative new solutions for brands—allows us to immediately command a leadership position in the platform market.”

The Mode platform is a revolutionary new product that brings together human-curation of content into Mode stories and technology that powers an algorithm for personalization based on social connections and interests. Experts curate links to content from major premium websites and embed videos into Mode that are natively distributed in feeds and can be socially shared. Professional content owners can amplify their original content by creating Mode Stories with links back to their own content and video sources—increasing discovery, views and traffic.

Mode is launching today with over 100,000 videos and content curated by over 10,000 creators and experts in 20 lifestyle categories across Entertainment: movies, TV & music; Sports, Food, Style: fashion, beauty; home; Family; News: people, finance & business, tech & gadgets; and other lifestyle: arts & culture, auto, books, crafts, health & wellness, humor, nature & science and travel.

Native distribution of stories in Mode-managed content feeds and social media is at the core of the new platform. Mode is launching today with over 200 million native content and video views a month, outside of Facebook and Twitter, making Mode one of the largest in-feed professional video and content platforms on the web today.

Mode Media is moving all of its owned and operated websites, apps and community social networks, and all of its content and traffic to Mode starting today—,,,, and others will all be channels under Mode, resulting in a single application and website for the first time. The combined entity with managed native story and video distribution reach is launching with over 25 million users a month.

Mode is an entirely new technology platform that has been built from the ground-up, using the Ning social networking product acquired by Mode Media 3 years ago. Mode has built content and curation products that allow human-curation and the technology to provide personalized feeds for every user based on whom they follow socially, channels, interests and social activity on Mode. Mode Media’s Ad Tech platform: Adapt, and user and content data provide the targeting and distribution of native stories and videos for brand advertisers—providing a large canvas for storytelling at scale.


About Mode Media

Mode Media was founded in Silicon Valley in 2004 with a simple, yet powerful idea—that people are the curators of content. Our mission is to help people create, curate, distribute, discover, and socially share content they love by building products that power and delight our users, content creators and brand advertisers.

Mode is a consumer social platform for curated content discovery with native in-feed distribution. Mode is launching with more than 100,000 premium videos and content human-curated by over 10,000 of the world’s most authentic and influential creators and experts. Mode has five lifestyle channels: Mode Glam, Mode Brash, Mode Foodie, Mode Bliss, and Mode Tend and 20 lifestyle categories.

Mode Media is the 7th largest company in the United States Top 10 Media Properties reaching over 150 million unique users a month and recently became the seventh in the U.S. Top 10 Mobile Properties (comScore Multiplatform-March 2015). For additional information regarding Mode Media, visit