Women ages 18-29 are the power users of social networking. In fact, 89% of those women online use social media and 69% do so on a daily basis. Regardless of whether you’re a veteran, or the concept is new to you, there are plenty of best practices for social worth reiterating.

Here are some tips from some Mode Creator who have shared their social media best practices with us.


  • “Social media is a conversation, not a monologue. So if your page [or feed] feels stagnant, don’t just talk to your followers, ask them a question.” – Patrice, Afrobella
  • “It’s the cocktail party that never sleeps! Listen as much as talk. Don’t be the bore at the party that always talks about herself. Host a weekly chat with a person in your network. Pick a topic and wax poetic about it on a weekly basis.” – Nicole, MomTrends
  • “Don’t always drive off the platform – keep the conversation on Twitter. And don’t forget native twitpics, as they capture your audience within the timeline.” – Ashley, Pursuit of Shoes


  • “My recommendation for bloggers who want to grow their social following organically is to be receptive, responsive, and very clear on the message you’re trying to convey to your community.” – Jill, Catch My Party
  • “I’ve written a post summarizing my Instagram tips here, but ultimately: When brands want to work with you, work a social aspect into the contract. Negotiate so they promote you on their social platforms.” – Julia, Lemon Stripes
  • “We live in a visual world; keep your content consistent and your photos bright. Everyone loves a pop of color on their news feed.” – Mel, Food & New York City
  • “I always try to post at least 2-3 photos and spread them out during the day so I don’t overwhelm my feed.” – Naty, A Love Affair with Fashion


  • “I share my most compelling images on Facebook. It halts the user as she’s scrolling through her feed and ultimately gets her to click through to my site.” – Jessica, Bows & Sequins
  • “I love the sense of creating and curating a community. Facebook has been a great outlet for my blog archives – I have so many vintage, evergreen posts and newer readers of my blog may not realize my archives go back to 2006.” – Patrice, Afrobella
  • “Use a cohesive voice, your links and analyze your Facebook data to figure out what’s working and what isn’t – then course-correct!” – Hallie, corals + cognacs


  • “I always double-check that the items I pin are clicking through directly to the original post or item.” – Natalie, Mint Love Social Club
  • “Your boards are content buckets and should be populated in a way that provides opportunity to pin within that category regularly. Make sure you’re optimizing for search by including a brief description that hits on keywords to broaden your reach.” – Cait, Pretty & Fun
  • “I spend more time on Saturday mornings and Sunday nights since those seem to be my highest peaks of traffic. I will also schedule a post on Facebook spot-lighting a board I have, encouraging my follower to pin with me. ” – Katie, Katie’s Cucina


  • “YouTube gives me the opportunity to better connect with my readers. Learning iMovie, Final Cut Pro and lighting techniques helped me take my video quality to the next level.” – Katie, Katie’s Bliss

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