MRC Confirms Mode Media’s GlamAdapt Ad Platform Adheres to Industry Standards for Viewable Impressions Statistics for Display and Rich Media Ads and Served Digital Video Ad Impressions

BRISBANE, Calif. – April 11, 2014 – Mode Media Corporation. (, a leading vertical social media company with the largest online global reach in lifestyle, has been officially awarded first-time accreditation of Viewable Impressions Statistics for Display and Rich Media Ads and of served Digital Video Ad Impressions for the GlamAdapt ad platform by the Media Ratings Council (MRC).

Mode Media’s GlamAdapt ad platform is one of the few adtech systems to receive MRC accreditation specifically for viewable ad impressions. Accreditation indicates that the Display, Digital Video and Rich Media Ad Impressions Statistics reported by GlamAdapt and the Viewability Statistics for Display and Rich Media, comply with the Minimum Standards for Media Rating Research published by the MRC, and the applicable Measurement Guidelines published by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

MRC is an independent non-profit industry organization whose primary mission is to ensure valid, reliable, and effective audience-measurement services. To achieve this accreditation, Mode Media completed rigorous voluntary audits and evaluation by a team of third party CPAs to assess compliance.

Prior to 2014, MRC accredited GlamAdapt’s Display Advertising Impression Statistics (December 2010) and Rich Media Advertising Impression Statistics (January 2013). These new MRC accreditations further establish the GlamAdapt ad platform as a leader in the ad serving and analytics market.

“We congratulate Mode Media on maintaining this important Industry standard of quality, and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future,” said George W. Ivie, Executive Director and CEO, MRC.

“Glam has always been focused on connecting premier brands with their consumers in brand safe contextual environments,” said Fernando Ruarte, Mode Media’s co founder, CTO and EVP Ad Platform. “Being one of the first companies to receive this MRC accreditation evidences Glam’s continued commitment to creating a brand safe digital ecosystem where technology is used to enhance the experience of brands, consumers and content creators.”

GlamAdapt’s technology innovations have been centered on creating value for both creators and brands by mastering and integrating the concepts that define premium advertising in the digital space. Early in 2013, Mode Media integrated GlamAdapt’s ad targeting with comScore vCE data sets to help brands with their audience validation efforts.

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About Mode Media

Mode Media was founded in Silicon Valley in 2004 with a simple, yet powerful idea—that people are the most influential filters for discovering and sharing each other’s most passionate interests. We had a pioneering vision that professional digital content could be both as engaging for consumers and as important to brand advertisers as traditional media—and with the right platform, we could create a next generation media company that could bring the emotion of print magazines and the vivid engagement of television to digital consumers. Our mission is to help people create, discover and share content that they love. At our core, we are an innovative technology company that develops products to enrich the lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Today, Mode Media is #1 in Lifestyle globally and a Top 10 Media Property—reaching more than 226 million global monthly unique users, as measured by comScore (Feb. ’14). Mode Media is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California with offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Tokyo, Munich, London, Toronto, Mumbai, Pune and Seoul.