The relative ease of filming/uploading video content online is growing rapidly. As a result, more people are ending up in front of the camera.

Regardless of whether you’re a YouTube newbie or native, we’ve got eight must-read tips for improving your video presence.

While it can be nerve-wracking, adding video into the mix on your site can be beneficial for adding fresh content and reaching a new audience.  In fact, your readers are likely to spend twice – if not triple – the amount of time on your site than they would if it contains only text and pictures.

As one seasoned Mode Vlogger, Katie Manwaring, put it – incorporating video content “offers viewers and readers another outlet to get to know me and adds a unique element to my blog.”

Videos make your site more personal for new and existing readers, because seeing you in a video is just like meeting you in-person. Here are some tips on how to get started:

  • Re-purpose content. What are you writing that’s getting the most hits? Perhaps you’ve done a “what’s in my purse” or a “one dress, three ways” post that generated a lot of feedback – do that, but in video form.
  • Just start. Everyone starts out with zero views, so just to keep putting out content.
  • Practice. Don’t wing it.
  • Don’t be shy. Let your personality come through. Embody the persona of a professional friend or acquaintance – someone you’d want to have (virtual) coffee with.
  • Be persistent. Set a goal of how much you’re going to post, whether it’s weekly or monthly.
  • Edit. Keep your segments short and simple so that no one loses interest, but long enough so people can follow what you’re saying.
  • Work on your voice and tone.  Practice by recording yourself until you find your “telephone voice” — but for when you are in front of the camera.
  • Show, don’t just tell. Self-explanatory.

Once you’ve got the bare basics down, Katie suggests “learning how to use iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and lighting techniques to take video quality to the next level.”

Most successful YouTube channels grow to include an original content strategy and the video creator’s unique point of view; but to start, you can begin curating a collection of videos (via YouTube’s playlist tool) that you admire that speaks to your brand voice.