Glam Announces “Glam Developer Network” Leveraging The Distributed Media Model Pioneered By Glam To Help Create A New Class of Monetization and Distribution of Applications to over 77 Million Monthly Users

SILICON VALLEY, CA and NEW YORK, NY—July 22, 2008—Mode Media Corporation., the pioneer of vertical content networks and number one in reach for women online, today announced the Glam Application Platform—code-named “Atako”—a platform that will change the way content and applications are distributed and monetized on the Internet. The Glam Platform removes obstacles that have previously kept applications inside the walled gardens of a few large social networks and enables them to reach over 77 Million monthly unique users through contexts such as blogs, magazines, and content web sites coveted by brand advertisers online. The Glam Platform is code-named “Atako,” a new word created by Glam to signify the deep passion that application developers and users feel when they are working with technology that creates change.

To enable new opportunities for publishers, developers, and advertisers, Glam is launching an open-source platform that allows applications to be distributed across the network of premium publishers with a built-in system for monetization. Applications built on the Glam Apps Platform will be available on the Glam Apps Store for embedding or downloading and can be monetized by Brand Ads provided by Glam or by the web developer, media company or agency; or can be with No-Ads—Apps can be free or priced by developers for purchase for use. With the launch of the Glam Apps Platform, Glam continues with its mission to provide its Publisher Network with more opportunities to engage consumers while creating new revenue opportunities. Web developers can control the distribution of Glam Apps—for the Glam Publisher Network, specific publishers, other approved networks of high-quality publishers, or all users with no restrictions.

“Application developers innovating on the Glam Platform are creating unprecedented opportunities for publishers and advertisers to engage consumers in new and unique ways, creating a more interactive experience across the Glam Network of web sites,” said Samir Arora, chairman and CEO of Mode Media. “Until now, web developers have been creating exciting applications with limited means to monetization—Glam is now bringing its knowledge and access to advertisers and publishers to help create the next generation of web apps.”

Glam Apps Platform is an open-source platform that provides all the functionality to build, distribute and monetize web applications and content for syndication. Recently launched GlamTV is an early example of the power of the Glam Apps Platform, “Rights-Managed” video with brand ads can be added to the GlamTV App enabling the protected distribution of video content through the Glam Publisher Network, with monetization being managed and shared across the publisher, video provider and/or content owner—much like TV networks do today. The Glam Apps Platform allows a full suite of applications to be built—such as content distribution (video, blogs, photos, news); web 2.0 services (feeds, links, comments, reviews); web apps (search, local); vertical apps (recipes, maps, size finder); entertainment (games, cards, social); ad-widgets (custom, advertorials, video) and publisher utilities (analytics, publishing, audience).

“We’ve thought long and hard about the opportunities and limitations for developers on social networks,” said Adam Souzis, executive director of Glam Labs, and the chief architect of the Glam Apps Platform. “We want to offer the same opportunities for massive distribution, while addressing the limitations by enabling applications to live on a variety of quality sites that receive higher CPMs.”

For developers, the Glam Platform offers a share of the revenue on monetized applications and access to the 77 million monthly worldwide unique visitors in the Glam Network. “The Glam Platform is a groundbreaking innovation in the digital media world. The Glam Platform brings application developers together with a broad set of relevant publishers, and provides the right recipe for the publisher, end user and advertiser to all benefit,” says Kevin Chou, CEO of WaterCooler, Inc., a leading provider of applications connecting millions of TV and sports fans.

For publishers, Glam Apps offers a way to add new features, functionality, and content; generate more page views; build a more loyal audience; and earn more revenue. Glam Publishers have been involved in helping define the product. “I’m excited about the value Glam Apps can bring to our site. We have great content and devoted readers but applications like these will enable us to further engage them without massive development costs,” says Michelle Madhok, founder and CEO of White Cat Media, publisher of one of the Glam Network’s most popular shopping websites.

For advertisers, the Glam Platform makes it easy to partner with third-party developers. In the same way that Glam set a precedent for bringing brands online through its innovative vertical content network, Glam Apps Platform is poised to do the equivalent for applications, enabling brand advertisers to integrate into or sponsor engaging applications and for agencies to sponsor and distribute innovative, highly trackable widget campaigns. “The Glam Platform is a new and exciting development for advertisers. With Glam Apps advertisers can tap into the talent of diverse group of developers and engage a broad audience beyond a single publisher or social network,” says Matt Straznitskas, Senior Partner at Mediaedge:cia.

By building upon standards such as OpenSocial and OpenID, and open sourcing its core application distribution, the Glam Apps Platform Atako makes application distribution ubiquitous across all kinds of websites across the Internet. The Glam Application Platform’s technology provides functionality that addresses the challenges posed by application distribution on a distributed network by:

  •     Providing a way for applications to integrate deeply into sites using APIs
  •     Addressing security, manageability and page load time
  •     Offering publishers a way to match the look and feel and UI of applications to their sites
  •    Enabling applications to tap into already existing visitor identities on websites, and where user identity doesn’t already exist, providing a user-friendly, Open ID-    based solution
  •     Creating a reliable process for publishers and application developers to profit from Glam Ads

Meet the Glam Platform team at the SF Beta’s Summer Mixer – 111 Minna Gallery, tonight from 5:00– 9:00 PM at 111 Minna Street at 2nd, San Francisco. For more information, please visit


Glam Apps Platform is currently available in private beta to approved developers and select publishers in the Glam Network of more than 600 Glam-owned and operated and independent Web sites, magazine properties, video providers and blogs; the platform will be launched to general availability for developers and web publishers in fall 2008.

To join the private beta program or for additional information, please visit or email

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