June 8, 2015 From Joellen Ferrer

Last week, we launched an exciting Mode Studios special feature, 100 Years of Fashion Under 2 Minutes, which takes us back in time to revisit fashion trends over the decades. Mashable got the first run of the video, and it’s since gone viral, reaching nearly 1.7 million viewers over the last five days! Media outlets across the globe have picked up the story over the last few days, and we’re continuing to see the numbers climb.

Here’s a sampling of some of the news pick-up:

Huffington Post
“The folks over at Mode Glam whipped up a fun stop-action video entitled ’100 Years of Fashion Under 2 Minutes.’ One model is transformed in looks that range from the petticoats and parasols of 1915 to today’s boyfriend jeans and motorcycle jackets. While we love the ultra feminine attire from 1935 and 1955, there are definitely a few cringe-worthy moments thanks to our questionable sartorial choices of 1985 and 2005.”

Daily Mail
UK’s Daily Mail broke down every single look, including some fun captions on each, including:

“A bit of Coco: The 1960s look chosen by Mode is less beehive, more Jackie Kennedy”
“Mean girl: The model looks ripped out of a 2000s high school comedy in her flared jeans and satin top”

Buzzfeed took it a step further with some fun animated GIFs. Take a read for yourself HERE!

Don’t forget to share 100 Years of Fashion Under 2 Minutes with your friends — and kudos to the Mode team below that made it happen! Keep an eye out for more videos like this, and we’ll see you on Mode