Mode Media’s audience is not only massive, with a reach of 406 million consumers worldwide, it’s also affluent, influential, and loves video. What’s more, Mode reaches an unbelievable 92% of all female millennials on the internet, and 67% of all millennial males online—making Mode a Top 10 US Media Property in both male and female millennial reach. Let’s take a look at the numbers…


100% more likely to have given how-to advice online in the last 30 days

138% more likely to be a business purchase decision-maker and influencer


52 million Mode consumes earn $100k or more—that’s $5.2 trillion in available spending each year


126% more likely to have emailed or downloaded a video clip in the last 30 days

102% more likely to have watched streaming video yesterday

171% more likely to have used Amazon Prime paid video streaming in the last 30 days

Not only is Mode’s audience comprised of affluent and influential people who love consuming video, but our ability to audience segment this audience delivers very sophisticated targeting for brands, resulting in an audience of best prospects. Mode consumers are attracted to the authentic voices of our best-in-class content creators and are among the most engaged on the Internet.