The Science of Content

Innovation is at the core of everything Mode does. To that end, we created a highly a scalable technology platform and beautiful products that serve our consumers, creators, and brand advertisers. This model has enabled us to move quickly in an ever-changing global marketplace and meet the challenge of the next media generation.

The Mode platform allows us to:

Deliver premium ads—rich media, native,  custom, takeovers, video, etc.—across more than 6,000 sites that are visited by over 400 million people a month.

Provide original curated content from 10,000 creators, contributors, and videographers— these are the authentic voices, experts, and celebrities influencing the web today.

Distribute in-stream content natively in posts and articles as well as video through in-feed social environments.

Together these solutions enable consumers to discover what they are truly passionate about and share it with their friends, who continue the amplification cycle by then sharing it with theirs.  This creates a massive flow of curated content to millions of consumers which fuels our ability to advertise at scale.

In short, consumers discover the content they want, creators get further reach and compensation for their content, and brand advertisers spread their message at scale. It’s the science of content—and it’s a proven model that benefits everyone in the ecosystem.